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We, at B.B. Dairy Products are constantly reinforcing our premium position with innovations that are not only receptive to the consumers' discerning necessities but which continually sculpt the category. The 'BABA' range of B.B. Dairy Products, which includes the Butter Ghee made from Pure Cow and Buffalo milk, offers delicious low-calorie offerings for the health-conscious consumer and an opportunity for guilt free treats while the range of Casein available at B.B. Dairy Products is beyond comparison.

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We sincerely take care of your dishes and that's the reason we have burned up so much time in mastering Mayonnaise just for you. A product that is premium in quality with smooth and creamy texture will compel you to pat our back, for sure.

  • Cultured Butter Ghee

    Indian Desi Ghee is remarkable for its
    distinct aroma and flavor.

  • Mayonnaise

    Enjoy the smooth, creamy and one-of-a
    kind flavor of Baba

  • Margarine

    Zero Cholesterol, No Trans Fats, Rich
    in Vitamin A, D & E